"I am about to die, so of what use is my birthright?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 25:27-34

I love this story. It tells us so much about human nature. Esau is a hungry man. He has been out in the field. His brother Jacob has been home cooking. In comes exhausted Esau and asks for some of Jacob’s soup. Jacob sees an opportunity to double his inheritance by trading his soup for Esau’s birthright, worth twice as much as Jacob’s inheritance!

After Jacob makes his proposal, Esau responds with the above question. Do you really think he would have died before getting some food? Of course not. He yields to a basic urge the hunger of the moment. And it costs him a lot!

How many birthrights have we sold for instant gratification? Think of the urge for food, and how people gain weight. Or consider the passion of the moment the loss of virtue and innocence as the result of an impulsive act. I have watched this same carelessness as people have gambled away their paychecks thinking it was their last chance in life!

Be diligent and earn money honestly. Seek affection and love in its proper time. Be responsible in purchases and expenses. Thus we may avoid the costly price of selling our precious spiritual birthrights for a momentary satisfaction.


Lord, you have given us the birthright of eternal life. Help us to cherish and protect it. In Jesus’ name. Amen