"Are you really my son Esau?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 27:18-25

The text today demonstrates the ultimate in deceit. Mother and son have schemed together to deceive the blind old man Isaac. Isaac, the father, has asked his son Esau to hunt and prepare some game for him and then receive a special blessing. Rebekah, the mother, overhears the conversation. Because she favors Jacob, the younger twin, she plots by telling him to deceive his father by dressing in a goat skin and bringing specially prepared goat’s meat instead. When he brings it, Isaac is troubled because he recognizes the voice of Jacob but the smell of the field and taste of the meat seem like Esau’s. So he asks, “Are you really my son Esau?”

This question confronts us all. Who are we, really? In my high school days I joined a group of the guys to smoke a cigarette. It was big stuff for a small-time farm boy! But one of the older boys asked me, “Is that really you, a smoker?” Whenever we try to be something we aren’t we are playing the Jacob trick. We may pretend we know more than we do. Or boast about how good we are when there is no way to prove it. Or name drop by trying to impress people by saying we know so-and-so, a really important person. Or embellish what we do just to give a better impression. Blind though people might seem to be, they will ask, “Is that really you?”

PRAYER God, our Father, you know who we really are. Help us to be true to ourselves. In Christ’s name.