"What is This You Have Done to Me?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 29:21-30

It is amazing what people will do to others in their desire to get their own way. Jacob works seven years for Rachel, his beloved. On the night of the wedding Jacob thinks he is getting Rachel, “lovely in form and beautiful.” He goes to bed but wakes up in the morning only to find Leah, the older sister of Rachel, as his wife! The question he directs to Laban is a cry of despair, “What have you done to me?” Laban justifies his action by claiming a custom that the older daughter has to be married first. Jacob feels deceived by not getting the bride for whom he worked seven years!

When we do not get what we have agreed upon, we react too, “What have you done to me?” Broken marriage vows and promises prompt this question. Spouses believe they are getting a person who is making a sincere marriage pledge. Later they find the promise broken. People who lend money often find the borrower avoiding payment schedules. We borrow tools, clothes or books and promise to return them but don’t. Are we not deceivers? Employees are promised pay raises and benefits. Employers delay or renege.

Anyone who makes a promise to manipulate another for his own ends is a Laban in disguise. We need to follow the way of Jesus by making sure our “yes” is “yes,” and our “no” is “no.”


Lord, deliver me from being a deceitful person. In Christ’s name. Amen.