"Am I in the place of God?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 30:1-8

Have you ever heard the expression “playing God”? That is the heart of Jacob’s question to Rachel, his wife. She can’t have children. There was a belief in biblical days that God was the one who initiated or withheld conception. It was thought that if a woman could not conceive it was because she was out of favor with God. This belief held tremendous power. Rachel felt devastated especially because her sister Leah provoked her into jealousy. She already had children by Jacob which she believed showed God’s favor. Rachel pleads with her husband that he must give her a child or she will die. It is this demand that prompted his question, “Am I in the place of God?”

Today also people get desperate and expect others to play the part of God. Some ask for prayer to win the lottery or cash in on a business deal. Others want miracles through one who prays for healing. Church members may look to their pastor as one who can make a church successful, blessed and able to beat the competition. Some people really want others to play the part of God.

If there ever is a time for us to play the part of God, it would not be to work miracles except in the area of mercy, love and forgiveness. Then we can be in the place of God.


God, we would be like you in your mercy and love. Through Christ. Amen.