"Are you actually going to reign over us?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 37:1-11

This question by the brothers of Joseph was asked in disgust. How could a brother whom they despised add insult to injury by suggesting he would rule over them? What right did Joseph have over them? Here is where God steps in. He has ordered the lives of people. He made Joseph his chosen one to fulfill a great plan. What the brothers needed to understand was God’s plan, not smolder in resentment!

It is difficult to have others rule over us. Children rebel against their parents. Citizens challenge their government. Church members resist authority. People rebel against God’s rule. What makes us this way? Is it fear that people will take advantage of us? Do we think we know better?

One of life’s most important lessons is to learn to live under authority. Remember the Roman officer who came to Jesus asking if he would heal his servant (Luke 7:2). He told Jesus just to say the word, knowing Jesus was under the authority of God. It was his confidence in Jesus’ authority that healed the servant. When we allow Christ to rule, and we follow his rules, we will discover the power of his authority to bless and prosper us. Humanly we resist authority. Spiritually, we need it. “Will you reign over us?” Let us ask him to do just that.


Lord Jesus, we yield to your authority to rule over us. Amen.