"As for me, where am I to go?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 37:29-36

One of the most dramatic stories in the Bible about sibling rivalry is the story of Joseph and his brothers. We might wonder how brothers could be so heartless. But they can be!

Reuben, the oldest brother, did not share in the other brothers’ plan to kill Joseph, but did his best to save Joseph by suggesting they put him in a pit. Reuben went away, with the hope of returning to rescue his brother. But he was too late! Joseph was sold as a slave.

How often brothers and sisters get into situations like this they have a conscience but are not brave enough to deal with problems. They ignore a serious problem. They may stand by and watch their siblings destroy themselves with drugs or alcohol. They vainly hope to rescue them later.

When the damage is done, such as in Joseph’s case, the question comes, “As for me, where am I to go?” That question can be asked when we watch helplessly while our brother or sister is hauled off to prison. We might even see him or her dead in a casket! God has made each of us responsible for family members. When someone in the family is hurting themselves, will you just look the other way?


God, help us always to do right for the members of our family. In Christ’s name. Amen.