"What is truth?"

Richard Huls

READ : John 18:28-38

During the month of March we have been looking at many questions persons asked in the book of Genesis. We have included some references to Lent because this is the month when many Christians contemplate the events associated with Jesus’ death. Today we conclude by looking at life’s most important question, “What is truth?” It incorporates all the questions we have asked.

The passages we read in Genesis have told us about our strengths and weaknesses. The Bible has not covered up the failings of great people like Adam, Abraham and Jacob, nor has it failed to recognize the strengths of men like Joseph.

Pilate’s question arises out of his world filled with deceit, exploitation, intrigue, manipulation and lies. When Jesus speaks of truth, Pilate cynically asks, “What is truth!”

We also ask this same question about life because we too find so little real truth. Jesus comes into our world to bear witness to the truth because he is the truth. By knowing and following him we experience and live in genuine, fake-less truth. After all questions are asked about God, people and the world, the most important thing we seek is the truth. In our plastic world of immediate gratification, tough questions and relative answers, let us follow Joseph and Moses by trusting God’s Word as truth.


Lord Jesus, thank you for being the TRUTH in our lives. Amen.