Pleasing Him in Every Way: Bearing Fruit

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 1:10
1 Corinthians 6:9-11

I choose what to plant in my small garden according to one guideline what do I like to eat? For three years I toyed with the idea of planting strawberries. I envisioned strawberry shortcake with lots of whipped cream and strawberry jam.

When we moved into our own home I decided strawberries would be planted in our back yard. I purchased a dozen plants, laid them out in neat rows, and waited. But now after two years there is no fruit. Nothing. Nada. Plenty of green. But no fruit. I’m thinking of pulling them out.

Jesus said, “By their fruits you will know them.” As Paul continues in prayer for the Colossian Christians he asks that they bear fruit. “Bearing fruit” advertises the change that God has made inside us. Bearing fruit is a sign that God is working in us. It proves we are new people in Jesus. It can easily be seen. Paul reminds the people in Corinth “and that is what some of you were” but not anymore.

In what ways are you significantly different from your non-Christian friends, family or co-workers? Would they say you are different in those areas? What difference does it make?


Father, may others see the change in my life and because of that see you. Amen.