Pleasing Him in Every Way: Getting Bumped

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 1:11-12
Mark 7:17-23

The wait-person (they used to be called waiters) was carrying a pitcher of milk. I could tell that milk was in it because when he tripped milk splattered all over the floor. We can’t always tell what is inside a pitcher by looking at it. But when it gets bumped you will always know. What’s on the inside comes out.

We can always tell what we are like on the inside by observing what comes out when we get “bumped” when we go through hard times, are challenged or angered. Paul says that we can tell when God’s power is working in us because of what comes out when we get “bumped.” He declares that the power we have from God will be displayed in three qualities: great endurance, patience and joyful thanks.

What comes out when you get bumped? Is it great endurance (tenaciousness during tough times, Hebrews 12:1)? Is it patience (not retaliating when you are wronged by someone, 1 Thessalonians 5:15)? Is it joyful thanks (because you know that no matter how it looks on the outside God is working in you, James 1:2)?


Father, continue to change me so that when I am bumped, people see you coming out.