Who Is Jesus? The All-time #1

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 1:18
Philippians 2:5-11

In 1990 the powerful University of Colorado Buffaloes football team was proclaimed to be the #1 football team in the country. All right! “We’re number one!” Wonderful! Well, it would be if not for the fact that the “Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech” football team was also voted the #1 football team in the country. Can’t you just hear Buffalo fans in the stands wildly chanting, “We’re number one! We’re number one!” Pause. “Well, of course, Georgia Tech is number one also.” How can two teams be number one? They can’t. You might as well talk about having dry water.

Paul makes the statement about Jesus. “So that in everything he might have the supremacy.” You can’t have more than one who is supreme. No one compares to Jesus.

Contrast that to the way some people talk about Jesus. “Jesus is my Savior. He is supreme. Well, at least for me he is. But, of course, Mohammed (or Buddha, or self, or possessions) can be number one for you. It really doesn’t matter.” But it does matter. Jesus is pre-eminent in the whole universe. There is none other like him. Is he supreme, #1, in your life?


Father, I give you praise for the fact that Jesus is not first among many. He is the only One. Amen.