Paul's Ministry: Servant Leadership

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 1:25
Matthew 20:25-28

H.B. London tells this story of his granddad:

“He was a dearly loved, lifelong minister, (and) had a great influence in my life. He was a servant-shepherd. The last time I was with him, he was terminally ill in a Houston, Texas, hospital. As the day was ending, in our final moments together, I put my hands in his and said, ‘Pop, I love you very much. I need to ask you something. Your ministry has been so effective. People listen to you. They trust you. They admire you. What has been your secret?’

“His eyes filled with tears as he fought to form his words. In barely audible words, he responded, ‘Junior, it’s one thing to tell people how much God loves them . . . but it is also very important for them to know that you love them as well.’

“I was a young pastor then, but those words helped form my ministry style…. It is a ministry modeled after the Good Shepherd himself.”

Paul demonstrates the servant style of leadership in his own ministry. Jesus commands the same because that style of ministry will demonstrate that Jesus is worth following. What is one way you can do servant leadership today?


Father, show me the person you want me to serve today. Amen.