Paul's Ministry: Discernment

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 2:4
Matthew 10:16

It seems that info-mercials have taken over the Sunday afternoons airwaves. Info-mercials have convinced me that with only a minimum of effort I could be the best cook around, have the shiniest car in the neighborhood, hook the biggest fish in the lake, or be the richest man in town. All I would have to do is buy what they’re selling. Discernment is needed to separate truth and fiction when you watch television.

Paul desires maturity for the Colossians so they would be able to discern what is true. Someone had come to the church and taught of knowing God in different ways probably making some claims that sounded pretty good. But when Paul declared his desire “that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ” he pointed out that the only way to know God is to know Jesus. There is no other way.

Note that this understanding of “the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ” occurs within the context of the community of believers. It is there that the Christian develops the “encouragement in heart and unity in love” which enables us to know God through Christ.

PRAYER Father, help me to know your will through your Word and Spirit in communication with fellow believers. Amen.