Freedom in Christ: Laughing at Satan

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 2:15
Ephesians 6:10-18

During the Second World War the armies of Adolph Hitler blitzkrieged through hundreds of thousands of miles in Russia. As they conquered territory after territory, they appeared to be invincible. In 1943 the tide turned. In one spectacular series of battles in Belorussia the German armies were utterly defeated. On July 17, 1944 a column of 57,600 German soldiers, captured during the Soviet Army’s stunning victory, were marched through the streets of Moscow as a demonstration of how the German armies were demoralized and defeated.

When Jesus defeated Satan on the cross he created a public show so that all the universe could see that he had disarmed Satan’s power and authority. Our spiritual enemy, instead of being feared, is to be scorned. Satan will try to take you back into that futile life of seeking God’s acceptance on the basis of good works and religion. Do not let him do it (2:20).

I like the idea of laughing at Satan of giving him no respect. The best way to immobilize him is to live as new people from the inside.


Father, thank you that Satan has limited power over me now that Jesus has defeated him. Help me to live a thankful life that does not give way to sin. Amen.