Freedom in Christ: Reality in Christ

David Sterk

READ : Colossians 2:16-19
Galatians 5:16-26

What are the family traditions that make your family unique? If you’re reading this with your family, share with each other one tradition that makes you unique.

Now think of traditions that make your church unique. Just like a family, not every church will have the same traditions. What do you do when another Christian doesn’t have the same traditions? Sometimes we’re tempted to say that they aren’t Christians, at least not as good as us.

Paul is speaking to Christians who have been taught that extra traditions are necessary to be an approved believer. Like eating and drinking certain kinds of foods. Or, observing all the religious days. These rules obscured the fact that God’s grace is free. Paul points out that the deeper into religious legalism the church goes, the more it disconnects from Jesus Christ (2:19). We still struggle with that distinction. We fail to trust the Holy Spirit to change a person’s life from the inside. We impose traditions instead.

Question: Am I more concerned about traditions or living out the life of Jesus?


Father, forgive me when I condemn another Christian because her religious traditions are different from mine. Rather, help me to praise you for what you are doing in her life. Amen.