Really Forgiven

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 32:1-11

Most of us struggle with guilt feelings. We did something, or we failed to do something and it bothers us. We must distinguish between true guilt feelings and false guilt feelings. True guilt feelings are healthy. They remind us that something needs straightening out. False guilt feelings cause us to be troubled about something that is trivial. The psalmist points out that true guilt feelings can cause oppressive, heavy feelings.

The only way for us to clear up true guilt feelings is to make confession of our sins to God. All sin is committed against him. The wonderful truth is that God has the power to forgive sin. He can do so and yet remain a God of justice.

Is there something bothering you? Study Scripture to see if you are in the wrong. If you are, confess your sin and God will “surround [you] with songs of deliverance” (v. 7). Four things result from confession and forgiveness:

  1. God will protect you.
  2. God will guide you. God will help you to avoid sin in the future.
  3. God will surround you with unfailing love.
  4. God will put a song of joy in your heart.


Father, we confess our sins to you. Replace our shameful heaviness with joy. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.