God's Greatness

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 33:1-12

God is great because by his word he makes big things happen (vv. 6-9). It has been so from the very beginning.

God is great because he intervenes in history and upsets politicians (vv. 10-13). God has the final say in human affairs.

God is great because his purposes for people are always sound and stable (v. 11). Great human beings may influence a couple of generations, but God’s steady influence lasts forever.

God is great because he sees everything (vv. 13-15). The greatest human beings are limited in what they know, but God knows everything. No one can fool him.

God is great because he is more powerful than the most powerful human ruler (vv. 16,17). The head of the nation of China has over a billion people under his control, but his power is as nothing compared to the power of God.

God is great because he cares for his people (vv. 18-20). That’s what the story of the Bible is all about. So let us be sure we are one of his people in the only way possible, by sincere trust in his Son Jesus Christ.


Father, help us to rest in peace knowing you are so great. Through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen