God, the Poor and You

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 41:1-13

The word weak in the first verse can also mean poor. The words has regard mean to take careful thought of a person’s condition.

My life has been impacted by a book entitled Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ronald J. Sider. Sider points out that most of us in the United States are wealthy compared to the one billion hungry people in the world. There are millions of children who have permanent brain damage because they received too little protein.

Christians must “have regard” for disadvantaged people. What shall we do? We ought to adopt a simpler lifestyle. Then, we would have plenty to give if we spent less on luxuries. We must not judge others, but look into our hearts.

We, to whom God has given so much, must give more to feed the hungry. We can also teach them how to provide for themselves. Many reliable agencies can do this, such as International Aid, World Vision and Church World Service.

Let us give generously. How can we turn our backs on our hungry brothers? What reassuring promises God gives if we give generously.

PRAYER Father, give us the grace to love the poor and do something about it. Amen.