King of the Planet Earth

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 47:1-9

No area of life lies outside the concern of God. Since we are interested in our personal salvation and the salvation of other people, no aspect of life should be outside our concern. We are God’s children. Our interests must be as wide as his. We must not separate social action and evangelism. God is concerned with both as we should be.

Although God is interested in everything that is happening in the whole world, he has chosen to give special blessings and responsibilities to believers (v. 4). In Old Testament times that was the nation of Israel. Today it is the church made up of people of every nation.

God’s believing people are to give a high priority to praising him (v. 6). How much time do you spend praising him? With what enthusiasm do you do so? Do you praise God for who he is and the position that he holds as king of all the earth (v. 7)? The result is that people of every nation have become God’s people (v. 9). God’s plan was revealed when he chose Abraham and said to him that he would bless him that he might be a blessing to all peoples on earth (Gen. 12:3). We too are blessed in order to be a blessing.


Father, make me a blessing to someone today, maybe a stranger or foreigner. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.