The City of God

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 48:1-14

In the Old Testament, the city of God was Jerusalem, the place he chose for his temple, which represented his presence. For us, the city of God is the church, the church at present with all its faults, and the church of the future, the bride of Christ, the new Jerusalem that will descend out of heaven to be part of the new earth that God will recreate out of the ruins of the old.

God was present in a special way in the old Jerusalem in spite of its failures (v. 3). He is with the church through his Holy Spirit today. He will be the center of that new Jerusalem forever. God protects his city (v. 8).

The temple is in the city of God, the place for meditation and worship. The content of that meditation is to be “the unfailing love” (v. 9) of God. Think of God’s love. Think of that love often. That love will not fail. God will continue to love us in every circumstance of life. Such meditations also produce joy (v. 11), the second fruit of God’s Spirit. Christian joy transcends circumstances. When everything seems to be going wrong, we remember that “he will be our guide even to the end . . . forever and ever” (v. 14).


Father, may the day soon come when we will live with you in the new Jerusalem. Amen