What Does God Want?

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 50:1-23

In this psalm God speaks clearly.
First, what does he not want from believers?

  • For us to think that he is dependent on us.
    I have no need for a bull from you …”
    What does he want from believers?
  • That we show our gratitude and keep our promises to
    Have you kept your word given at your baptism, the baptism of your child, your wedding?
  • That we pray to him and honor him (v.15).
    Are you taking quality time to pray?
    Are you publicly praising God in worship?

Second, what does God not want from unbelievers?

  • False pretense and claims in worship (v.16).
  • A rejecting attitude (v. 17).
  • Deceitful and abusive speech (vv. 19,20).
    What does he want fromunbelievers
  • To think again about their relationship with him (v. 22).
  • To honor him (v. 23).

Does God not have the right to express his wants and not-wants clearly to us? Are you listening?


Father, speak to believers that we may do what you want, and to unbelievers, that they may listen to your words. Amen.