Big Bad Talk

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 52:1-9

This poem is a tough piece about big bad talk, believers and God.

The writer confronts the macho man and his ugly, reckless, lying tongue and intentions. The picture is not pretty:

  • He brags and insults, big time, all the time.
  • He shames himself before God.
  • His schemes are destructive.
  • He prefers evil over good.
  • He is an underhanded sneak.
  • He is a things-loving materialist.

Do you sense that too many people are falling into bad patterns of talk and intention like this?

The writer warns that God will ruin the designs of such people. His rhetoric is shocking. The person who is right with God gets the point, learns the lesson, and is relieved to the extent of laughter. What a different picture:

  • He is an olive tree, hundreds of years old.
  • He flourishes instead of falling into ruin.
  • He relies on God’s unfailing love.
  • He praises God for his wonderful person.
  • He lives in hope as one among believers.

What is your picture like?


Lord, help me to reject and filter out the boasting and bad talk in my life. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.