Denial of God

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 53:1-6

What is so bad about denying that God exists? How foolish is it? What is the root and basis for the fool’s creed, “God Isn’t!”?

The lyrics writer says we reject God because we have heart decay. The disease is deep and pervasive. It is a systemic problem. So, in error, we reject God and hope our corrupt hearts will be OK. So, we might think we can live without God.
It is not pleasant to look at our condition:

  • We do horrible and evil things.
  • No one measures up to God’s standards.
  • Our understanding is off track.
  • We are set on a course away from God.
  • We are not serious students of good and evil.
  • We create dread and terror because we are on the wrong course.

Is the psalmist correct? Our first impulse is to say this is extreme. “Other people may be like that but not me!”

The writer is saying we reject God when we toy with evil in thought and deed. In doing so we can bypass and disbelieve the God who restores the future of believers and saves them (v. 6).


God, help me to face my own deep spiritual need. I now repent and believe. Amen.