Horror in the City

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 55:1-19

Here we see a victim of terror.

  • “My thoughts upset me. I’m very troubled” (v. 2, NIrV).
  • “My heart is racing fast, and I am afraid of dying (v. 3, cev).
  • “Fear and trembling have taken hold of me.

Panic has overpowered me” (v. 5, NIrV).

How does he deal with his terrorized emotions? First, he thinks, “I would fly away and escape to the desert” (v. 6). That is what he would like to do, but he rejects the way of escapism. We all try to run away from our problems. The troubled song writer turns to God in faith for help.

  • You will keep me safe.
  • You hear my concerns and my complaints.
  • You will rescue me unharmed by the battle.
  • You have always ruled,
  • You will hear me
  • You will defeat my enemies….” (vv. 16-19).

One cannot help but think of Jesus, betrayed by his own disciples in the holy city of Jerusalem. God stills the panic in fear- stricken hearts. Urban dweller or resident in the country, God wants to take your fears and give you peace.


Father, give me strength to deal with the difficult situations in life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.