Justice Will Triumph

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 58:1-11

Here is another psalm that deals with the problem of the apparent success of the ungodly. So often we are disturbed that the wicked seem to prosper while the godly struggle with all kinds of problems. The psalm begins by realizing that there are many miscarriages of justice (v. 1). Sinners devise evil in their hearts and then carry it out with their hands (v. 2). Such sinfulness begins at birth (v. 3). Sinners are like serpents (vv. 4,5). The Bible understands the dark side of human nature better than any psychologist.

The psalmist then calls upon God to punish the wicked unmercifully (vv. 7, 8). What shall we say of such vivid language? It expresses a righteous indignation lacking in our day, so complacent about sin. Jesus and the New Testament rise above such harsh language and emphasize the practice of forgiving those who sin against us.

The psalm concludes with a recognition that God is a good and fair judge (vv. 9-11). The Bible teaches that God judges within history and at the end of history. People who think they are getting away with evil are sadly mistaken. In the end God will deal with all injustice appropriately.


Father, give us peace in spite of the injustice all around us. I believe you will right everything in the end.