A Beautiful Relationship

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 61:1-8

The Christian life is not a matter of keeping rules and performing rituals. It is a beautiful relationship between God and you. The psalmist tells us God’s role in that relationship:

  • He listens to us as we speak to him.
  • He leads us to higher, safe ground.
  • He is our refuge when hard knocks come.
  • He is a “strong tower against the foe,” a sure escape from the great enemy of our souls.
  • God lets us dwell in his tent.

In the Near East, if a host grants you the hospitality of his tent, he will do everything to give you needed protection. God is pictured as a powerful bird who protects newly hatched offspring. This Oriental imagery gives us a clear picture that, if we have entered a relationship with God, he will take the best care of us. In response, what should we do for God?

  • We are to fear his name and hold him in the highest regard.
  • We are to sing his praises.
  • We are to pay our vows.

Because God is so good, do as he asks!


Father, use your Word to strengthen our relationship with you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.