When the Old Doesn't Work

Mark Heijerman

READ : 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

You know the slogans, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or, “If the old is still working, you don’t need a new one.” The truth is that often something new comes along and it is better.

Such was the case when Jesus came into the world and made atonement for sin through the cross. Jesus did this because the old covenant between God and his people wasn’t putting people right with God and changing their bad behaviors. The Old Testament law gave instruction on how to live, but it was powerless to transform law breakers. That law was glorious and still is, like the face of Moses which became radiant in God’s presence. But the brilliance of Moses’ countenance faded. Likewise, the law was downgraded in the shadow of a gloriously new and better offer and agreement from God.

The greater promise and covenant, says Paul, has come. The splendor of Jesus Christ has been given and it will never fade or be surpassed. It is competent to forgive sins, put men and women in a right relationship with God, and transform common sinners into Jesus-like people. Indeed, far from fading, the new covenant makes believers more and more glorious.


Dear Father, thank you for your holy law which drives us into the arms of Christ which carry us into your presence. Amen.