Look-God Is Taking Over

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 1:14-15

About the kingdom of God, Jesus said two things. First, he said the kingdom was already here. Jesus began his ministry by saying, “The kingdom of God is at hand.” The kingdom is God’s rule, his sovereign authority, and that is a present reality.

Second, Jesus said that the kingdom was not yet here. He urged his disciples to pray for its coming, saying, “Thy kingdom come.” For Jesus, the kingdom was already here, but it hadn’t yet arrived! Jesus saw the rule of God as a present reality, but also as a future hope.

How do we resolve this apparent contradiction? Jesus often spoke of the kingdom in his parables. He said the kingdom was like a seed sown in the ground. The seed is hidden, but it is alive, growing. In another parable, Jesus said the kingdom was like yeast hidden in the dough. The baker can’t see it, but the yeast is alive, growing.

There is nothing in the morning paper that would lead you to suspect that God’s kingdom has come. But don’t despair. The kingdom is here. Like a seed in the ground. Like yeast in the dough. It is hidden. But it is here. The seed will sprout. The dough will rise. The kingdom is here. Seminal, germinal, hidden, alive.


Jesus, rule in my life now and always. Amen.