Paralyzed No More

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 2:1-12

Four friends bring a fifth friend, a paralyzed man, to see Jesus. Jesus forgives the man’s sins and heals him of his paralysis.

With what person in the story do you most identify? The four friends? The crowd? Jesus? The poor homeowner, whose roof has been demolished? The scribes, who grumble, “Who does this man think he is?”

I identify most with the paralyzed man. Can you identify with him? Are your hands free, free to be extended to anyone regardless of race, creed, religion, social status? Are your feet free, free to go where the crowd doesn’t go? Is your mouth free, free to speak the truth as you see it, and let the chips fall where they may? Is your church free, free to follow wherever the Spirit leads?

If you are not free, hear Jesus say: “Your sins are forgiven.” Then, to prove the validity of his forgiveness by the power of his healing, the Lord says: “Rise, take up your mat and walk.”

We don’t have to be paralyzed anymore. We can speak the truth. We can follow the Holy Spirit. We can extend our arms to anyone, everyone. We can leave the beaten path. In Jesus we are forgiven and healed of our paralysis.


Forgive my sins, O God, and heal me of my paralysis. Amen.