The Sabbath Was Made For People

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 2:23-28

Interpretation: The Sabbath was made for people. It is right to worship on the Sabbath, but it is not right to worship the Sabbath. It is not right to take a day designed to meet our deepest physical and spiritual needs and turn it into a prison of prohibitions. The Sabbath was made for you, not you for it. It was meant to be a day of religious expression, not religious restriction. The fourth commandment of God is positive, not negative.

How can we honor the Sabbath in a positive way? We can do two things. First, rest. As a piano teacher uses a metronome to help a child develop a sense of rhythm, so God gives us a Sabbath to help us develop a rhythm for living labor and rest, outpouring and infilling, creation and recreation.

Second, worship. In worship, as nowhere else, we do business with God. An old sailor confessed to his chaplain that he was having difficulty finding God. The chaplain explained that God could be found anywhere, everywhere. Said the sailor: “I don’t want to find God everywhere. I want to find him somewhere.” Where is that somewhere, if not worship?


Lord, thank you for tomorrow, a Sabbath, a day of rest and worship. Amen.