Who Touched Me?

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 5:25-34

When I was a child I would go outside after a rainstorm and play in the puddles. I was amazed at how so much sky could be reflected in such small puddles. Today what amazes me is how so many of our human problems can be reflected in such small Bible stories.

Like this one. For twelve years this woman’s strength has been sapped by internal bleeding. She has tried every doctor, every treatment, but there is no relief. To make matters worse, in biblical times sickness was interpreted as punishment for sin. For twelve years this poor woman has had illness in her body and guilt in her mind.

How many of us have secret, internal guilt? Like the woman’s bleeding our guilt is draining us drop by drop of our vitality and joy. We feel guilty because we haven’t always been good parents or good children, good spouses or good citizens. But wait! Here comes Jesus, walking down the street. Reach out and touch him. Take responsibility for your own healing. Have faith that he can heal you. He can stop the bleeding. He can heal the hemorrhage of guilt that is draining you.


Father, here and now I touch the hem of heaven. Whisper to my soul the words I long to hear: “Your faith has made you well.” Amen.