A Spiritual Buddy System

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 6:7-13

Jesus sends out the disciples in pairs. Aware of their feelings of inadequacy, Jesus institutes the buddy system.

This two-by-two strategy can aid us in our Christian walk. How many believers flounder because they jump from one to many, from self to congregation, without ever developing a solid, soul-deep relationship with one other Christian.

There are times when Christians must stand alone. And there are times when it is good for us to enjoy each other in large groups, like in worship. But our faith also rests on teams of twos, where each member is a priest to the other. Sometimes we even serve as stand-ins for God. I remember a Bible study where a girl hugged her Christian friend and said: “I’d stopped holding onto Jesus, but I kept holding onto you while you were holding on to Jesus.”

These Christian pairings cannot be structured. I’ve known of churches that arbitrarily printed a list of random pairings, an exercise that is doomed even before the ink dries. These two-by- two arrangements cannot be programmed. They form unconsciously and work mysteriously. You don’t consciously select your spiritual buddy. You just realize that you have one and are blessed.


Father, thank you for my Christian buddy. Amen.