When You Lose Control

Lou Lotz

READ : Mark 14:43-50

Judas kisses Jesus, and life is never the same again for either man. Such a small act, such enormous consequences. Big doors swing on little hinges.

Before being betrayed, Jesus is in control of his life. That is, his life is filled with activity that he himself initiates. He speaks. He preaches. He heals. He goes here and there. He is in control of his life.

But a kiss on the cheek changes all that. Now, instead of doing things, Jesus becomes the one to whom things are done. He is arrested. He is led to the high priest. He is hauled before Pilate. He is crowned with thorns, nailed to a cross. Jesus doesn’t do things anymore. Instead, things are done to him. He is no longer in control.

How frustrating it is when things happen over which you have no control. A farmer is wiped out by a freak hailstorm. A young wife loses her husband in a plane crash. The factory where you work closes, and you are out of a job. You are diagnosed with some incurable disease.

We cannot always control what happens. But we can control how we react. We can learn that when life careens out of control, God is with us.


Hold this truth ever before my eyes, O God, that even when I am not in control, you are. Amen.