Rhoda-Insist on the Truth

Tom Bartha

READ : Hebrews 12:6-19

No one believed her at first. Rhoda, a servant girl, along with Jesus’ mother and a roomful of anxious disciples were praying behind locked doors. Peter’s safety was their chief concern. He had been thrown into jail because of his missionary work. He was bound in chains, with guards stationed by the cell door. Faithful believers were praying earnestly for his release. God responded in an amazing way by sending an angel who led Peter to freedom. Then he made his way to the prayer meeting of his friends.

Recognizing Peter’s voice, Rhoda was overjoyed. The group’s prayers had been answered. But listen to their response when Rhoda told them the good news. “Rhoda, you’re out of your mind!” Yet Rhoda kept insisting and Peter kept knocking until finally someone opened the door. There stood Peter. The room exploded in celebration until Peter stilled the joyous outburst. “Don’t keep this to yourself,” he said. “Tell the others.”

What do we do when God answers our prayers? What has God done lately that you could share?


O God, who hears and responds to prayer, thank you for your readiness to receive our requests and praise. Amen.