A Temple Beggar, Astonished by Grace

Tom Bartha

READ : Acts 3:1-10

My day began as countless others. Friends carried me to the temple gate where I would beg. In my day there was not much else for a lame man to do. Many worshipers were generous, others not. I often felt like part of the landscape. People saw me only as a nuisance. One day I had a unique experience.

Two men approached and I held out my cup. “Help a poor beggar?” They stared at me. “Look at us,” one of them said. I did, fully expecting to receive something. “Silver or gold I do not have,” Peter began, and my face fell. Silver or gold was why I was there. Expressions of sympathy were of no value to me. “What I do have,” he continued, “I give you; in the name of Jesus, walk.”

Strength surged through my body. Limbs long without feeling throbbed with energy. I jumped up, took a few steps. Unbelievable! This was more than I asked for, more than I ever dreamed.

Think how you have seen God move in unpredictable ways and amaze you.


O God, who hears and responds to prayer, thank you for your readiness to receive our requests and praise. Amen.