Epaphras-Wrestling in Prayer

Tom Bartha

READ : Colossians 4:12-18

There is an old saying, “When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.” There is much truth in that. Prayer is one of the most important works we do. As Paul finishes his letter, he sends greetings on behalf of many friends. For each he offers a brief word of thanksgiving. He writes, “I affirm that Epaphras is working hard for you.” Working how? “He is always wrestling in prayer for you.”

Tireless and intense in prayer! What a great compliment! We do not know much about Epaphras, but this is enough. Imagine how much healthier the church would be today, and our own spiritual health, if every believer were to devote a portion of each day to the sacred contest of prayer. Many do, and discover that it is vital work.

As we pray to God on a regular basis, we find our love for him increasing. Our trust and our dependency deepen. It is tough work. The world calls us this way and that, always ready to divert us. But keep at it, friend. Make prayer a priority. Keep battling so that you too will be listed as an Epaphras..


Heavenly Father, may we be known as those who can be counted on to be faithful in prayer. Amen.