A Touch of Faith

Tom Bartha

READ : Mark 5:24-34

She had no business being in the crowd that day. Jewish law declared her unclean. Years of bleeding had marked her as a religious and social outcast. She did not wish to call attention to herself, but was willing to do nearly anything to be well. She had heard of Jesus’ healing powers. “If I can just get near enough to touch his clothing,” she thought, “I will be healed.” So she maneuvered through the crowd until Jesus was only a step ahead.

The moment she touched his cloak, she knew she was healed. Her bleeding stopped. Yet even with the crowds bumping against him, Jesus detected something unique in her touch. “Who touched my clothes?” His eyes searched the faces of the crowd. The woman wanted to slip away. She had not intended to bother him. Trembling she fell before him, telling of her shameful condition. Jesus listened, then spoke those marvelous words, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”

It is possible to be within reach of Jesus and yet not receive all he has to give. It is that touch of faith that makes the difference.


Holy God, give us a faith like this woman who reached out to you with such remarkable trust. Amen.