Joshua-Facing the Future With Courage

Tom Bartha

READ : Joshua 1:1-9

Road maps come in handy when you need direction. Where do I turn? Which fork do I take? What lies ahead? Joshua was about to lead God’s people across the Jordan River into unknown territory. He had been a strong military leader. To follow a leader such as Moses was a huge challenge. Joshua was God’s choice, but was he up to the task?

God assured Joshua that he would never forsake him. “Be strong and courageous,” God said. God also gave Joshua a road map to help him stay on course. “If you follow this guide, not turning from it left or right, then you will be safe.” This map was God’s Word. “Stay with this book. Consult it, obey it, return to it often, and you can face the future with certainty and courage.”

The promise given to Joshua, Jesus gave to his followers: “Lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age. I will never leave you or forsake you.” We have the same guide. Keep it close to you. Obey what it teaches. Be confident as you step into God’s future.


Lord God, thank you for the truth, comfort, and guidance which your Holy Word gives us, through Christ. Amen.