Epaphroditus-Giving Your All

Tom Bartha

READ : Philippians 2:25-30

A nationally-known pastor returned to his home church for a speaking engagement. He walked through the familiar old building and saw that the woman preparing the luncheon was the same woman who served church dinners when he was a boy. “She just doesn’t miss!” he thought. “What a servant!”

Epaphroditus was such a person. He served faithfully and sacrificially. Without complaining. Without grumbling. Without calling attention to himself. He had been sent by the church to assist Paul who was a prisoner in a Roman jail. Epaphroditus had become very sick himself, nearly to the point of death. Yet his chief concern was for the people who worried about him. When he returns home, Paul said: Give him a hero’s welcome and honor those like him.

So often it is highly gifted church leaders who are held in the highest regard. Paul reminds us to reserve some of that esteem for the silent, behind-the-scenes servants who just keep on serving with barely any applause or recognition.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for those who silently, faithfully, consistently give service to you and your kingdom. Amen.