Courageous Jochebed

Tom Bartha

READ : Exodus 2:1-10

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” goes an old proverb. Yet here is a woman who put all her hopes, all her dreams, all her prayers for the future into one frail basket. We do not even learn Jochebed’s name until later in this book, but her courageous act was a turning point in biblical history.

Jochebed gave birth to Moses when Pharaoh had ordered the killing of all male infants. This order threatened her, yet love for her son was deeper than her fear. Finally Jochebed could hide her child no longer so she fashioned a small basket, and made it watertight with tar. With a prayer and a breaking heart, she set her son in the basket in the reeds along the Nile River.

Who but God could bring blessing from such dread? Baby Moses was returned to Jochebed by Pharaoh’s own daughter. Because of Jochebed’s courage Moses survived to become a great leader of God’s people.

Jochebed placed all her hopes in God and a homemade basket. In what or in whom do you place your hope?


Wonder-working God, we are blessed by Jochebed, our partner in saving people through Christ. Amen.