Naaman's Healing-Simple, Strange, Complete

Tom Bartha

READ : 2 Kings 5:1-27

Naaman’s problem was leprosy. As his dreaded disease progressed, this valiant leader would be declared unclean, and then isolated from his people and family.

A slave girl in Naaman’s home, another faith partner, pointed him to a prophet who could heal. At the prophet’s home Naaman was given strange instructions to dip himself seven times in the muddy Jordan River. The gold and gifts he brought were not even noticed. But, with hesitation he obeyed.

Who knows? Maybe, after the sixth dip, Naaman was ready to give up. After the seventh his skin was changed like that of a young child. The leprosy was gone!

Naaman found cleansing through simple obedience to the word of God’s prophet. His healing reminds us that God’s plan of salvation may appear foolish to some people. Salvation comes from only one source Jesus Christ. As we place our trust in him, our sins are washed away forever.


Holy God, we praise you for the pure and simple truth that salvation is found nowhere else but in Jesus. For the cleansing we have in him, we thank you. Amen.