Tychicus Encourager

Tom Bartha

READ : Colossians 4:7-9

Some people are so quick with the negative word. Watch out when you see them coming. What a contrast we see in Tychicus. Tychicus had the reputation of an encourager. He was not one to unload all his discouraging comments on others!

“He’ll encourage your hearts,” Paul wrote his beloved friends, “and tell you everything that is happening here.” Tychicus is called an encourager in Ephesians also. He was a man who assisted Paul, traveling as his representative, conveying Paul’s love and affection to the churches he was unable to visit.

How fortunate Paul was to have Tychicus. He calls him “dear brother, faithful minister and fellow servant.” Life in prison was very unpleasant. Tychicus was the kind of person who brightens a room, his attention focused outward upon others. You can see Paul smiling contentedly as he writes this word. Who better than an encourager to carry news?


Heavenly Father, thank you for those opportunities you give us to be encouragers of others. We consider it a great responsibility and privilege. Amen.