Making Room for Holiness

Tom Bartha

READ : 2 Kings 4:8-37

You probably know someone like this woman. She is organized, secure, level-headed. When something needs doing, she sees that it is done. She is self-sufficient, generous, kind, observant. This woman from Shunem noted that Elisha, God’s prophet, often came to her village. So, she persuaded her husband to add a small room to their home so the holy man would have a place to stay.

When we make room for holiness, things are going to happen, and not always as we anticipate. This chapter explodes with miracle after mira cle, with the Shunamite woman at the heart of it all.

She is blessed with a child, a pure gift from God, “Don’t toy with me,” she says, upon learning that she and her elderly husband would have a son. When their son dies, she can scarcely believe any good could come from his death. When her son is restored by Elisha, her awe matches our awe when we read her story. When we make room for holiness, God will again and again astound us. Have you made room for him?


O holy God, for the tenacious faith of this woman who experienced the sweep of emotions, we praise you. We bless you for your remarkable grace. Amen.