Zacchaeus-A Seeker Is Found

Tom Bartha

READ : Luke 19:1-10

He was among the least popular people in town. Tax collectors were viewed as traitors to the public trust. Zacchaeus was the chief one. He may have been wealthy, but would have traded his money in a minute for friends. Zacchaeus was short physically, but more, he was short of friends, integrity and reputation. Tax collectors and sinners were lumped into the same pot. Few wanted anything to do with them . . . except Jesus.

In a large crowd people could take out their frustration with tax collectors by the jab of an “accidental” elbow. “Whoops, sorry Zacchaeus.” Tired of being jostled and wanting to see Jesus, Zacchaeus scrambled up a sycamore tree. Deep inside he was seeking something, even if he was not certain what it was. I feel Zacchaeus did not know.

Even more than Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, Jesus wanted to see him. He called Zacchaeus by name, “come down!” The spectator role was over. The seeker was already found, and a transformed life was emerging. Transformation was happening.


: Lord of the unexpected, there are no limits to your love, no restrictions on whom you will call. No one who hears your voice is beyond reach of your love. Thank you. Amen.