Dorcas-From Death to Life

Tom Bartha

READ : Acts 9:36-42

“How are things with your soul?” a woman was asked by her pastor. He had noticed her increasingly sporadic attendance in worship, her declining involvement in church life. She was caught off guard by his question. Her response was honest: “Well, not too good.” She went on to explain how her prayer life had faltered. She found herself giving less thought to her faith. Sunday became a day to catch up on lost sleep.

Her pastor continued, “If you were to go a long while without eating, you would become weaker and weaker, and not feel like doing anything. That is your spiritual condition now. You have starved your soul. But spiritual starvation does not need to be the final word.”

Peter’s raising of Dorcas not only brought joy to her friends, but resulted in many people becoming believers. The power of God can revive those who are spiritually dead, and enliven them again to the things of faith. It happens each day, and people notice.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this woman who so tirelessly gave of herself in service to others. For the promise, not only of renewed life, but of life beyond life, we offer our praise, in Jesus’ name. Amen.