A Touch of Extravagance

Tom Bartha

READ : Luke 7:36-50

She was “damaged goods” in the eyes of her townsfolk. She may have been a prostitute. One thing is certain: something Jesus had said or done had taken root in her life, so convicting her that it brought about a reversal, a break with her sinful past.

Jesus was at dinner in the home of Simon, a religious leader. As though no one else were present, this woman showered Jesus with an extravagant outpouring of love from a heart that had been transformed. Simon was disgusted at her display of affection.

After reading the parable, Jesus asked Simon, “Do you see this woman?” Simon did not. He saw only who she had been, not who she had become. Jesus’ forgiveness led her to show her affection and worship to him. She risked rejection; she risked being tossed out. She asked for nothing. She came only to show her affection and worship.

Spiritual pride may keep us from seeing the transformation that comes to fallen persons who encounter the living Lord. Extravagant, genuine love is always proper.


Lord, no life is beyond your reach. We pray today for those who need your transforming touch. Amen.