Lois and Eunice-Godly Examples

Tom Bartha

READ : 2 Timothy 1:3-7

Some of us have parents or grandparents who played a major role in our spiritual development. No one inherits faith as we do hair or skin color. Rather, we observe and absorb. We see faith modeled, or its absence. Ultimately each of us makes our own decisions about faith. Fortunately, in some households godly relatives pave the way.

Such was the case with Timothy, this young associate of the Apostle Paul. Just as Paul’s spiritual life had powerful family roots, so Timothy’s was grounded in the sincere faith of his grandmother and mother. Scholars believe both were widowed, so they had to work hard to support themselves. Yet their faith prevailed and provided Timothy a rich spiritual heritage. It seems likely that the two women became believers on one of Paul’s early missionary journeys. Now Paul expresses gratitude for the sincere faith he sees in Timothy.

Daily we are given opportunity to impact the lives of others. What they see in us leaves a greater impression than we realize. Is your faith worth copying?


Lord, we bless you for those you have used to bless our lives and draw us closer to you. Amen.