Abigail – One Wise Woman

Tom Bartha

READ : 1 Samuel 25:14-41

A person with the gift of wisdom has a practical mind, and knows how to get to the heart of a problem quickly. Generally, one with this gift is worth listening to for the insights they share. Nabal was a moody, disgruntled man, who refused to show basic kindness to David and his army. When David planned retaliation, it was Abigail who interceded, persuading David not to seek vengeance for her husband’s hard-headedness. Abigail’s wisdom and common sense turned a potentially explosive situation around. David heeded her words.

After Nabal died, David recognized how Abigail’s advice had saved him from endangering his own future. He was reminded how vengeance belongs to the Lord. He offered praise to God. David asked Abigail to be his wife. She bore him a son.

There are friends God brings into our lives at the right moment whose words are seasoned with wisdom. They bring clarity to a confusing situation, or provide a helpful insight. May we be wise to listen.


O God, you speak wise words to all who stop to listen. Speak to us today through your servants, your Word, and the whispers of your Holy Spirit. Amen.