Mephibosheth-Amazing Grace

Tom Bartha

READ : 2 Samuel 9:1-13

“There’s something about that name,” we sing of Jesus. But how about the name Mephibosheth? You don’t forget a name like that! His tender story is told in the midst of chapters on turmoil and warfare. Years earlier Mephibosheth, son of David’s beloved friend Jonathan, grandson of King Saul, had become crippled in both feet. When new kings came to the throne, it was the common practice to wipe out any remaining family. But Mephibosheth had been allowed to live in obscurity. When David sent for him, Mephibosheth expected the worst. He cowered before David. Promptly he heard the astonishing news that he would receive a vast inheritance of property and from then on eat at David’s table, like the King’s own sons.

The way David treated Mephibosheth is a reflection of God’s love toward us. Outrageously gracious. Entirely unexpected. We all are impaired in our own personality and character, and can offer nothing to win or earn God’s favor. Yet God extends mercy, reaches out to us in Jesus Christ, and adopts us as his own daughters and sons.


Lord, for reminders of your gracious ways toward us and your profound love, we adore you. Amen.