Ways of the Wise

Tom Bartha

READ : Matthew 2:1-12

“We Three Kings” is the Christmas hymn we sing of these gift-bearers. They were not kings, though, but magi astrologers, fortune tellers, dream interpreters. They were the first to travel from afar to worship the newborn Christ child. Their example provides us a wise pattern for worship.

First, they CAME to Jesus. They came inquiring. When we come with an openness, a desire to meet Christ, and not to find fault or complain, God will bless our heart’s desire.

Then, they SAW. There are millionaires today who would give every penny to see what the magi saw: a simple maiden and her carpenter husband with the child, so holy and divine. Sincere worship helps us see things in a new light. Our eyes are opened to fresh wonders of God.

Thirdly, they BOWED DOWN AND WORSHIPED, setting before the baby the very finest they had to offer. Worship is our response to the Word of God which became flesh and made his home among us.


Lord, just as the magi came, saw, worshiped and gave, may we, too, follow the pattern they set, bowing before our Savior and Lord. Amen.