Partners in God's Great Plan

Tom Bartha

READ : Romans 16:1-16

This month has passed quickly. Another month could be devoted to this chapter alone name after name whom Paul identified as co-laborers in the gospel.

Here is Epenetus, Paul’s first convert to Christ in Asia. Think about how many were to follow. And Apellus, “tested and approved in Christ.” How was he tested? What hardships did he endure for the gospel? Urbanus and Stachys are virtually unknown, yet Paul singles them out with affection.

If you were to write your faith letter, whose names would be listed? Sunday school teachers, parents, relatives, a neighbor or youth sponsor or pastor who left Christ’s imprint upon your life. Maybe a quiet servant whose consistent example inspired you. God is gracious in bringing any number of hidden heroes into our lives. Some have faded from memory; only in heaven will we recall the influence they had. But, if you remember someone now, thank God and jot a short note, letting that person know the spiritual impression they left.


Lord, thank you for all the hidden heroes you have used to reveal yourself. So great a cloud of witnesses, bless them! In the name of our Savior Christ. Amen.